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Moving Back Into Your Home After Fire and Smoke Damage

9/7/2022 (Permalink)

If a fire affects your home or business, we at SERVPRO of Bloomington, IN, understand how traumatic it is and how stressful the claims process can be. 

Give us a call at 812-824-2027 so we can help you with the claims process from beginning to completion of getting your property back to like it never even happened.  Rest assured we have the technology and skill to recover your damaged goods back to pre-existing condition. 

Our dedication and quality of work is unmatched by our competition and we look forward to proving it to you.  Not only do we clean and restore your structure but also your individual belongings, even your soft contents/textiles.  We utilize top of the line equipment and chemicals to remove soot, stains, and odors to get them back to normal. 

Fire Damage Services

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

You know SERVPRO for their large green vehicles and usually see them at a location that just suffered damages from either a fire or a water loss.  But, did you know that here at SERVPRO of Bloomington, IN, we also provide services for mold, odor, post-construction and vandalism cleanings as well?  

Commercial businesses and buildings are used for a variety of services and storage and come with their own unique set of needs.  You may find that rooms are not used as frequently as others and when entering there is a faint or strong odor. 

This odor may be created from mold or unclean air ducts.  SERVPRO crews are constantly being trained and updated on the most up to date technology to best serve our customers better.  

Our team members are cross trained to handle the entire claim from beginning to completion to get everything back to normal.  Feel free to give us a call no matter the size of the disaster at 812-824-2027.

Residential and Commercial Fire Damage Services

12/14/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Bloomington offers a comprehensive fire restoration service for residential and commercial properties. We proudly offer a full line of mitigation, reconstruction and laundry services to bring back properties and contents back to like new condition.

It all starts with an in depth inspection of the property, for some claims we utilize a full virtual scanning of the property to help give a full view to the adjuster even if they can’t be on site. 

From there demolition of the heavily affected areas, removing any structure that has the heaviest of damage from fire. From that point we are working to determine contents that are salvageable and taking those items and hand cleaning them with special cleaning agents to remove soot and smoke odors. That cleaning isn’t limited to just hard contents, we also offer a full laundry service using specialized equipment that removes stains and heavy smoke odors. 

We are also able to fully reconstruct the home or business to make it move in ready with our Reconstruction Service. No other Restoration service offers this full line of services under one roof. 

Recent fire damage? Questions on what to do after a fire? Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Bloomington today at 812-824-2027.

Keeping Your Home Safe During the Holidays

11/14/2021 (Permalink)

Studies show that cooking is the main cause for most home fires and burn related injuries. With Thanksgiving being the busiest cooking day of the year.  It's good to know some safety tips to have a safe, and happy Thanksgiving holiday.  

  • Never leave food that is cooking unattended, especially when frying or broiling food. The stove should be turned off if you must leave the kitchen
  • Keep anything that could easily catch fire a safe distance away from flames, or hot surfaces. Examples such as; potholders,towels of any material, paper or plastic bags, and wooden utensils.
  • Cooking surfaces should be kept clean to prevent grease buildup.
  • Always make sure to check the kitchen before leaving the home or going to bed.  Check to see that all ovens, stoves and appliances are shut off and stored correctly. 
  • Have a fire extinguisher near by, and know how to properly use it if needed. Also smoke alarms should be checked monthly to see if properly functioning. 

SERVPRO of Carbondale/Marion wishes you a safe and happy holiday season!  Gobble Gobble! 

Fire Damage Services

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

Recently our crews were called to the scene of a fire that took place at a school. The strength of SERVPRO of Bloomington really showed as they took on a large smoke damaged school. Under the guidance of an Industrial Hygienist they tested all of the areas of the school and set up the area that was affected. 

In total over 150,000 square feet of smoke and soot damage was spread throughout the school from floor to ceiling through the HVAC system. Utilizing nearly 100 team members SERVPRO was able handle this massive job all while ensuring that no other jobs were delayed or affected. 

That's the power of your local SERVPRO office. With unlimited equipment and trained staff we are able to get any disaster taken care of.

We handle fire, water and mold damage as well as offer a full line laundry service for smoke and soot damaged soft contents all in house, call us today 812-824-2027.

Fire Safety Tips

6/13/2021 (Permalink)

There are several ways to ensure your safety from a house fire. The American Red Cross has data listed on their website at to help individuals be as prepared as they can be for a house fire.

  • Installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are very important and can often be the first alert you can have when a fire starts.
  • With any smoke and carbon monoxide detector it is essential to test them once a month to make sure they are operating. Even though sealed detectors are typically good for 10 years, you still need to test them monthly.
  • Create a fire escape plan for your family. That way everyone knows where to meet or be found in the event of a fire. 
  • Install fire extinguishers in rooms where heat sources are prevalent such as kitchens and garages

Continual training and in-home maintenance will help keep you safe from home fires. For any fire damage, trust in the experts at SERVPRO of Bloomington to help repair your home from damages. For any other questions call 812-824-2027

Can My Contents Be Cleaned After A Fire?

2/27/2021 (Permalink)

Depending on the severity of a home or business fire, it is surprising to find that contents can be salvaged after a fire. Your local SERVPRO of Bloomington has all the knowledge and proper cleaning methods to save your items. 

We utilize one of the best washing systems to clean soft contents, items such as clothing, stuffed animals, purses and shoes. This washing system is able to take the tough stains and harmful toxic odors from soft contents to restore them to like new condition without using harmful chemicals or abrasive cleaning methods.  We are also able to clean hard surface items such as cabinets, dressers, cabinets and countertops using SERVPRO’s specialty cleaning agents. 

With SERVPRO of Bloomington our focus is on the ability to restore items instead of replacing them as it adds unnecessary expense to the insurance claim and it gives you your home back to the way it was. Our goal is to always get you back into your home quickly and to make it, "Like it never even happened."

Post Fire Damage Safety

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

In some circumstances it may seem simple to take care of the damage after a fire damages your home. Its always worth calling your local SERVPRO office to have them look at the damage. The Professionals at SERVPRO have years of experience in handling fire damage claims. Its this expertise that can make sure your home or business is move in ready on completion of the job. 

The dangers of not knowing exactly how to handle smoke and soot damage is that it can get into cracks and crevices you don't realize. If you don't take care of the smoke and soot damage correctly the first time, it can cause issues down the road. Just covering up the issue isn't the solution either as it can cause breathing issues as it continues to emit harmful odors. 

Call the professionals at SERVPRO at 812-824-2027 immediately after your fire. We offer free estimates as well as work with any Insurance company. 

It's Candle Fire Season!

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

A diffuser is a much safer alternative to burning candles

Be Cautious When Using Candles

Yes, that soft light and aromatic fragrances that fill the room from a lit candle can be an easy way to create the atmosphere that you want in your home. However, candles can also become a safety hazard if they are not used properly. Candle fires are common, but the following tips can help you avoid them.

1. Don’t Leave Burning Candles Unattended:
It may seem like an annoyance to extinguish a candle every time you leave the room. However, leaving it burning could result in a candle fire if something gets too close to the flame or if it burns too low. It is best to blow out candles before going to bed at night, even if the candle is in the same room you sleep in..

2. Keep Them Away From Flammable Items:
When you are using a candle, you should be sure to have the area free of flammable objects. This can include papers as well as fabrics such as curtains and bedding. These types of items should be at least a foot away from any candles that are in use. Flammable liquids should be kept even further away.

3. Keep Them Out of Reach of Pets and Children:
Both children and pets often come with an excess of energy and curiosity. For this reason, it can be easy for them to inadvertently start a candle fire. Keep burning candles in an area that are not within reach of a child or pet, especially unsupervised!

4. Use an Alternative:
Perhaps the easiest way to prevent a is simply not to use candles at all. There are a variety of other ways that you can achieve a more relaxing home environment. If you are only interested in adding a nice scent to your home, a wax warmer is a great option. One great option is a diffuser. Diffusers are a great alternative to candles and make you house smell fantastic!

While these tips can help you prevent an emergency, accidents can still occur. Whether it is small or large, fires often require smoke cleanup and some repairs. If this happens, a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO can help return your home to its preloss condition making it "Like it never even happened."

Cleaning Contents After a Fire

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

soot damaged chair SERVPRO restored
  •  Make Sure It's Safe To Start

Your first concern in every fire damage restoration disaster is safety.  SERVPRO takes steps to make sure all workers entering your home or business after a fire are safe. It is important that the structure is safe before the evaluation and restoration process begins.

Also, keep in mind that, after a fire, indoor air contains floating smoke and soot particles. Smoke/soot particles are Products of Incomplete Combustion (PIC). These are carcinogens and are dangerous. When cleaning up smoke/soot, it is important to wear a respirator, such as an N-95 or N-100. Using gloves and other protective clothing will also protect against soot exposure. Ventilation is key to letting the contaminants in the air outside.

  • Evaluating Damaged Contents

The next step is to determine which items should be cleaned and where, as well as which items to discard. Cost and antique value are key consideration factors. SERVPRO inspects the affected items as quickly as possible, as soot can produce further damage or corrode contents and appliances in a matter of hours or days, depending on the material.

In many cases, contents that have been damaged directly by the fire or by excessive heat should not be discarded until inspected. SERVPRO knows how to clean smoke damage from salvageable items like this antique chair (pictured).

Most textile goods like draperies and bedding will be taken to our laundry division or dry-cleaning facility. Other contents that can be restored, such as furniture, may be cleaned within the home or sent to our facility.

Food items must be treated with caution. Any open items should be thrown away. Unopened items in original packaging that were away from the heat can be considered safe. If there is any doubt, throw the items away.

Keep in mind that melted or discolored plastic items can’t be restored, only cleaned.

  •  Inventory Of Your Contents

If a “pack out” (removing contents out of the structure where damage occurred) is necessary, our SERVPRO technicians will keep careful records for items taken, location of the items, and condition of the items when removed. In other cases, we may determine that conditions allow for cleaning and storing the contents within the home, or perhaps a garage if property has one. An inventory of all discarded items is essential to receiving monetary reimbursement when filing an insurance claim.

  •  Contents Cleaning

SERVPRO will perform testing to determine the appropriate product to clean your contents. Today’s restoration professionals will use environmentally friendly products for all cleaning and restoration processes. This is an important consideration when choosing a restoration company.

SERVPRO begins to remove soot from each restorable item — either in the home or at our facility. The cleaning method depends on the item, such as furniture, kitchen utensils, dishes, toys, clothing, bedding, draperies, and more.

  • Removing Odors

Pungent odors come with smoke/soot damage. After the cleaning process, most of the smoke odor will be eliminated. Yet, if there is still a small odor, we may add an additional step to the restoration process. This could include ozone or hydroxyl deodorizing. Learn more about processes: ODOR REMOVAL

  • For Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration, Call SERVPRO of Bloomington at (812) 824-2027

When the contents of a home or business are damaged by smoke/soot, mitigating the fire damage, cleaning, and restoring the contents to its preloss condition is a job for restoration professionals. SERVPRO technicians know how to clean smoke damage from contents quickly, ethically and professionally. When you call us, we’ll mitigate the loss and restore your property using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

Fire Prevention

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

Fire due to burning candle

This fire started because a candle was left burning unsupervised. Fire prevention is the best way to prevent disasters like this one. Here is some measures you might take to prevent this from happening to you. 

  • Kitchen fires – Most are caused by leaving items unattended on the stove or oven when cooking. You can prevent them by being more watchful of the stove and not allowing things to distract you from paying attention or outright forgetting that you are cooking. Set a reminder or alarm to remind you that something needs checked if you are multitasking. When you are busy, it is easy to forget just how long something has been cooking.  
  • Heaters – Many people use heaters for extra warmth. You should always be very careful of the positioning of these heaters. Some get very hot and can easily cause fire to items close to it. Always make sure there is ample space all around your heat sources. Always have them clean and always have them maintained properly. Make sure you get your furnace cleaned and checked every year as well. Proper maintenance can prevent a disaster! 
  • Electrical Equipment – Always make sure your power cords to your appliances are in good condition. Bare wires and loss plugs can cause a fire. Make sure you are using extension cords for temporary use or if necessary, for longer time, make sure you have a high-quality heavy-duty extension cord. Cheaply made extension cords are not meant for long time use. Surge protectors are also very helpful but make sure they are high quality and made for the intended use. It is always good to check your outlets regularly also for any damages. A broken one is never a good idea. 
  • Smoking – Smoking in or around the house has been a huge source of fires. Leaving a lit cigarette unattended or falling asleep with a cigarette should always be a main concern. Most all house fires caused from smoking could have been prevented. Always make sure your cigarette is firmly seated in the tray and never have one lit when you are at risk of falling asleep. Furthermore, do not leave matches or lighters in reach of young children who might play with them. Lit candles should always be supervised as well.
  •  Faulty Wiring – Older wiring in older homes might not be safe. Safety precautions have changed a lot when it comes to safe wiring. Older homes are more likely to have worn and frayed wiring and are more likely to spark and catch fire. One should always get the wiring checked by a certified electrician to ensure safety. Dealing with electrical issues should be handled by trained professionals only! 

One should always practice safety by making sure all smoke detectors are checked and all fire extinguishers are in perfect working order at all times. Be smart and be safe!