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Fire Prevention

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

Fire due to burning candle

This fire started because a candle was left burning unsupervised. Fire prevention is the best way to prevent disasters like this one. Here is some measures you might take to prevent this from happening to you. 

  • Kitchen fires – Most are caused by leaving items unattended on the stove or oven when cooking. You can prevent them by being more watchful of the stove and not allowing things to distract you from paying attention or outright forgetting that you are cooking. Set a reminder or alarm to remind you that something needs checked if you are multitasking. When you are busy, it is easy to forget just how long something has been cooking.  
  • Heaters – Many people use heaters for extra warmth. You should always be very careful of the positioning of these heaters. Some get very hot and can easily cause fire to items close to it. Always make sure there is ample space all around your heat sources. Always have them clean and always have them maintained properly. Make sure you get your furnace cleaned and checked every year as well. Proper maintenance can prevent a disaster! 
  • Electrical Equipment – Always make sure your power cords to your appliances are in good condition. Bare wires and loss plugs can cause a fire. Make sure you are using extension cords for temporary use or if necessary, for longer time, make sure you have a high-quality heavy-duty extension cord. Cheaply made extension cords are not meant for long time use. Surge protectors are also very helpful but make sure they are high quality and made for the intended use. It is always good to check your outlets regularly also for any damages. A broken one is never a good idea. 
  • Smoking – Smoking in or around the house has been a huge source of fires. Leaving a lit cigarette unattended or falling asleep with a cigarette should always be a main concern. Most all house fires caused from smoking could have been prevented. Always make sure your cigarette is firmly seated in the tray and never have one lit when you are at risk of falling asleep. Furthermore, do not leave matches or lighters in reach of young children who might play with them. Lit candles should always be supervised as well.
  •  Faulty Wiring – Older wiring in older homes might not be safe. Safety precautions have changed a lot when it comes to safe wiring. Older homes are more likely to have worn and frayed wiring and are more likely to spark and catch fire. One should always get the wiring checked by a certified electrician to ensure safety. Dealing with electrical issues should be handled by trained professionals only! 

One should always practice safety by making sure all smoke detectors are checked and all fire extinguishers are in perfect working order at all times. Be smart and be safe!

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