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Archived Storm Damage Blog Posts

Summer Thunderstorms in Bloomington, IN

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

When summer storms hit our area, look for the professionals at SERVPRO of Bloomington to help clean up damage done to your home. With high winds and heavy precipitation it's a recipe for water damage throughout your home.  SERVPRO has the equipment and trained technicians to make sure water damage is handled correctly the first time. 

No power, no problem. Even after storms take power out to homes we have secondary power units to be able to allow our equipment to run and trucks mounted water extraction units that can run without electricity.  After water damage we make sure to disinfect the flooded spaces to prevent future mold growth.

Though storm season can be scary, know that SERVPRO of Bloomington can help make it, “Like it never even happened.”

We service all of Monroe, Madison, Lawrence, Greene and Owen Counties in Indiana. For free estimates on any damage call us today at 812-824-2027.

Storm Warning Vs. Watch

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

We’ve all seen or heard the warning, but in many instances we always get storm warnings and watches mixed up.  When you hear the weather warning on the radio or television be sure you know the differences between the two.

These warnings and watches apply to the seasonality of storms from winter, summer, spring and fall, as well as be used for precipitation alerts.

A weather WATCH means that there are elements that exist for the potential development of severe weather. When this weather alert happens, it's a good idea to refresh yourself on your emergency evacuation or safety plans but you don’t need to act on them during this alert. 

A weather WARNING indicates that severe weather is in your area or it is already occurring based on either the severe weather has been spotted or is showing on weather radar. It is during this weather alert it's important to act on your emergency plans to ensure safety. 

For any severe weather event, you can count on the Professionals at SERVPRO of Bloomington to assist you if your home is damaged in any weather event. Give them a call today at 812-824-2027.

Preparing for Spring Storms

4/12/2021 (Permalink)

How To Prepare For Spring Storms

Spring time weather always brings a lot of uncertainty with regard to severe weather. It's always critical to have an emergency plan in place for those storms and the damage they may cause. 

Having a proper emergency plan in place helps to allow family members know where to go or where to be located, if following a storm communications are knocked out. It is also important to safely store non-perishable food items and plenty of fresh water.

If you have any damage following the storm, call SERVPRO to get them onsite as soon as possible. From board-ups, roof coverings and water mitigation we’ll get to work as quickly as possible. 

If you have any questions please contact your local office at 812-824-2027 and find out more on how SERVPRO can help you weather the storm.

Spring Showers Bring....

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

Spring showers bring basement flooding....or is it May flowers? Either way with winter out of the way and those heavy showers hitting we're seeing an influx of flooded basements. In some instances we can prevent those pesky showers from coming into our homes:

1. Making sure all gutters are clear of debris and that all downspouts from the gutters are extended beyond the foundation. Although they may not be pretty, during these heavy spring rains its beneficial to get them as far away from the home as possible. Doing this will help keep water from trying to flow back into the basement.

2. Test sump pumps. Easiest way is to take a 5-gallon bucket and fill up the sump well. Ensure the sump pump is able to pump the well water level down. Also be sure that the sump pump is clear of any obstacles so that the float or lift is able to activate the pump. 

3. Also for those in low lying areas, check your crawlspace to ensure that there is no standing water in your crawlspace. Standing water in your crawlspace invites unwanted mold to begin forming in an along the foundation walls and floor joists.

For any water damage that does occur, don't hesitate to call your local SERVPRO office today at 812-824-2027

What To Look For To Prevent Roof Leaks

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

You might have noticed water on your ceiling after a heavy rain or from snow melt. Though most homeowners aren’t roofers or in the roofing business, there are a few ways to inspect your roof before leaks happen. 

  1. Inspect flashing - Inspect areas around where any plumbing vents, attic vents or chimneys extend above the roof. Check around those areas to also ensure any sealants around those areas are free of damage or cracks.
  2. Check for holes - Easier said than done on some roofs. Falling limbs or branches can puncture roofs after a storm. It's always a best practice to inspect your roof after any limb or branch falls on it.
  3. Check for missing or damaged shingles on your roof.

Water is always tricky in how it travels, so even though you might see where it's damaging your sheetrock from inside your home, the water may have found a different access point to get in. 

The best tip is to call the professionals at SERVPRO of Bloomington if that water makes it into your home. They have all the right tools to inspect and correct damage from water leaks and make sure mold won’t form.

Freezing Temperatures and Frozen Pipes

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

With the latest round of freezing cold temperatures in addition to freezing rain, sleet and snow its important to be prepared for the changing conditions. Its also important to recognize and prepare your home or business during these weather events. The most difficult part of these cold temperatures is that you may not see water damage until temps warm back up. These conditions are extremely tough on the exterior but can do more damage inside with freezing pipes. 

Once temperatures begin to rise it will be critical to inspect for any leaks inside or under your home or business. As soon as you see water be sure to shut off the water and call SERVPRO of Bloomington at 812-824-2027  to get your home or business fully inspected and dried. Its important to address the issue as soon as possible before damage is done to the structure or mold begins for form.